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Shade Sail Styles

If you dream it, we can build it.

Perimeter cable or webbing sails can be designed in many shapes and sizes. Sails can be twisted, overlapped, and angled providing beautiful form and precise function. 

Custom Measurements

Custom Shade Sails can be designed to fit virtually any space.  Point-to-Point measurements allow us to make a sail that will fit perfectly for you. In addition to exact measurements, Shade Sails need a rigid edge in order to pull the sail tight and avoid wrinkling or sagging. You can use cable or webbing to do this.

Typically, a contractor will install all of their attachment points first, and then measure for a sail. This allows the freedom to move posts or attachment points if the planned attachment point location doesn't work.

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shade sail corner with hardware

The most important part of a shade sail is the corner. Stresses are focused here and it's the first place a customer looks so it must have high strength and a neat appearance.

Here at Wholesale Shade we are known for having the highest quality corners in the business.

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Cable Sails


  • Flexibility of adjusting the cable independently of the sail; for a better fit

  • Forgiving of poor measurements

  • Recommended for sails over 20 feet on one side


  • Having a cable-based sail requires a more accurate installation due to  the cable adjustments

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Webbing Sails


  • Cleaner corner appearance especially on small sails

  • Simple installation and folds flatter when shipping


  • Measurements must be very accurate, or the sail can wrinkle 

  • Limited to sails with sides less than 20 feet

Hip Structures

Who do we protect most? Our children!

Shade cloth fabrics provide up to 94% UV protection, which protects from painful and even cancerous sunburns. A well-designed shade system protects your investment in playground equipment. Your play structures will be cooler to the touch so the children (and parents) will enjoy longer outdoor activity.

hip canopy with playground
hip top

Hip Structure Canopy

Hip structures are ideal for freestanding areas where a large shade area is needed. Play areas, pet zones or just a place to put a hammock.

We offer hip canopies to fit standard structures. We use a 2" perimeter pocket and a 2" seatbelt webbing pull strap with a hole for the corner pin.

Shade Panels

Straight Lines with an artistic touch.

This design allows for an artistic look with a straight edge and maximum shade coverage. Lace on Panels and Invisible Frames are ideal for horizontal and vertical applications.

Lace on panel

Lace On Panels and Invisible Frames are ideal for use as a privacy panel. Mounted vertically these styles provide a secluded area for the yard, patio, or commercial projects.

pergola cover
Invisible Frame

Our invisible Frame Panels are tensioned with an aluminum bar in the perimeter of the panel. this bar is hidden inside a pocket and is screwed down to the framework. The rigid aluminum bar gives the panel a clean, straight edge when used in between rafter tails.

shade panel
Lace On Panels

Lace On Panels use grommets, rope, and a lace rail for support. Options include webbing reinforced hems.

Keder Edge Shade Sail

Straight Lines combined with a traditional Shade Sail.

This design is a prime example of combining form and function to create beautiful shade. The Keder edge allows for maximum shade coverage along the side of your home or restaurant patio.

keder shade sail, kedar edge

Shade Sails with a Keder Edge are ideal for areas where you want maximum shade coverage alongside a house or other structure.

We offer custom made keder edge shade sails to fit your design. We sew the rubber keder pipe directly into the edge of the shade sail with reinforced stitching. The keder slides neatly into the A-Rail mounted to the wall or other structure.

Wholesale Shade
Form and Function

Keder Edge Shade Sails are a truly unique way to maximize shade coverage, fit a custom space, and maintain that stunning look one expects from a shade sail.

Wholesale Shade
Keder and A-Rail

The keder edge will also have a D Ring attachment at each corner to ensure a secure fit.

Slidewire Shade Sail

Looking to shade a patio from the afternoon sun, but let your patio plants soak up the morning sun? Slidewire Shade Sails allow you to control when you get shade and when you don't.

Slidewire Shade Sails use a hook and cable system and can be made to attach to an existing structure.

slide wire
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