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Home / Design & Install / What is a Shade Sail?

What is a Shade Sail?

Think of a sailboat sail turned sideways that uses shade cloth instead of sail cloth.

Rather than driving a boat, a shade sail provides shade. But just about everything else is the same. 

Shade sails use the same sailboat hardware, they have the same curved edges and the same need for strong attachment points.

How Did Shade Sails Get Started?

Who wants to get sunburned while trying to enjoy the dramatic sea battle re-enactments or gladiators fighting to the death? 


Not the Romans apparently!

The use of sailing methodologies to provide shade can be found as far back as the Coliseum where Roman sailors used ropes and pulleys to operate the Velarium, keeping spectators cool.

ve-lar-i-um - noun

A large awning of a type used in ancient Rome to cover a theater or amphitheater as a protection against the weather, now more commonly used as an inner ceiling to improve acoustics.

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Types of Shade  

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Shade Sail
  • Curved Edges

  • Attached at corners only (NO frame)

  • Can be ANY shape

  • Pulled tight by turnbuckles

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Shade Panel
  • Straight Edges

  • Attached by grommets or aluminum bars

  • Pulled tight by rope or wire lacing

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Shade Structure
  • Curved Edges

  • Attached at corners and supported by a frame

  • Pulled tight by perimeter cable during installation

The Right Time

The shade sail business in the U.S. has come out of the Introduction phase into the Growth phase.  People are still learning about shade sails but now they have seen them, spent time under them and are asking for them to be installed at their church, park or home.  

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This is a good time to get into the business while profits are high and competition has not yet reached the level seen in the maturity stage of product development.

Shade cloth manufacturers are offering new products all the time keeping the industry moving forward.  There are more choices today for high strength fabrics and new color options than ever before. This expansion of shade cloth choices will also breathe new life into the classic shade products like awnings, curtains, and framed canopies.  

You don’t need to be a trailblazer any more to get into the trade.  You don’t have to suffer through the costs of R+D, customer education, and low profits.  


It’s time to join the party, keep reading and let’s learn about selling these things.

Have you tried shade sails and had a bad experience?  If so, chances are that you made one of the top 10 mistakes to avoid.  It might be time to give shade sails another look now that you have Shade Sail University as a resource.  

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