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Shade Sail Styles

Custom, Hip Canopy, Lace on Panels, Keder, Slidewire

Wholesale shade is a manufacturer of custom shade products based in Southern California.


We take your measurements and turn them into a finished product that we box up and ship to you.



It's you hard work and dedication that has made your company what it is today. We are happy to work behind the scenes and will even sew your private label onto every shade sail we make for you.



You know what your customer wants better than anyone. We have a wealth of experience to draw from and are happy to offer suggestions, but our main goal is to make your design a reality.



We have a big shop and lots of equipment, but our most important asset is our dedicated and happy staff. We work hard to make Wholesale Shade a great place to work and it shows in the quality and fit of our sails.



Your reputation is important. When you place an order with us, you also place your trust with us, and we take that very seriously. Everything we do is geared towards making you look good on install day when everything fits perfectly and your customer can't stop smiling at the beautiful work you have done.

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