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Polytex®+ shadesails are ideal around swimming pools, beach entertainment and barbecue facilities, outdoor leisure and picnic areas. Other applications include playgrounds, preschools, secondary schools, camping grounds, hotels, motels and holiday resorts.

Shadesails made from Polytex®+ also offer a striking alternative to flat roof timber pergolas and can be designed to accentuate any location, whether it be a home, garden or commercial establishment.

Polytex®+ provides maximum people protection against the sun’s heat and strong Ultra Violet (UV) rays and utilizes the best UV stabilizers.
With heat-setting, the knitted fabric has better ‘lay-flat’—less curling on the edges. Also, since the heating process takes out some of the shrinkage in the fabric, the stentered fabric will shrink less and have improved dimensional stability.

Polytex®+ is made from virgin resins, the best UV stabilizers which are lead and heavy metal free and is made to Australian Standards: AS 4174-1994.

Polytex®+ meets the following fire standard: NFPA 701-2019.

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