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The Installation Process

Since the Shade Sail Industry is still pretty new in the U.S., most of your potential clients will be unsure of how the process works. In particular, we find many clients don’t understand the time involved in installing a shade sail. (“What do mean it could take 3-4 weeks?! But my party is this Saturday and I need shade over my patio!”)

The best thing that you can do for your potential customers is to help them to understand the process from the beginning. Each project is different of course, but good communication about the steps involved will make everyone happier throughout the process and reduce unwanted surprises.

Key installation factors to communicate to your client include:

An estimated timeline for each step

  • Possible rush options?

  • Could anything delay the project?

How much disruption will occur in their yard

  • Do you have to bring in equipment?

  • Move furniture around?

  • Remove a gate and then put it back?

  • Are there any open holes or other dangerous areas to avoid?

Check out the following videos that walk you through a shade sail installation.

VIDEO 1 (29 MINUTES) The first video includes before and after interviews with the client so that you can see some of the design and selling processes.

VIDEO 2 (7 MINUTES) The second video shows the installation process but without the customer interviews.

VIDEO 3 (1 MINUTE) https://youtu.be/EBhqTAqt0W8 The third video is a super-fast version of the installation in about a minute! (for those of you with short attention spans like me)

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