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Love Give Together

We have been working on our company motto for quite a while. We tried several things, brainstorming, contests, and many meetings. Nothing caught on until we were super inspired by Dr. Bronner and their “All One” principle. (To see what “super inspired” looks like, check out this video)

Love. Give. Together. Our company Motto.
Love. Give. Together. Our company Motto.

Love Give Together with a happy face planet soon came to be the core of our new motto, our new description of us as a company. Sure, we love making a quality product that provides shade in a beautiful way, but we also love working together.

We didn’t want to stop at the walls of our building. We love creating something that makes the world a better place. We believe that we are all united on this great planet of ours and we want to spread kindness and caring through our work.

Most recently we volunteered at the North County Food Bank to help distribute Thanksgiving Dinners. Taking time out of our workday to help others is something that brings us closer together as a work family, and we have fun while we do it!

Kindness, Family, Dedication, Hard Work, Fun, Unity, Inspiration. These are words that define us and what we strive for. These are words that inspire us to provide great customer service, first-class quality and the industry’s best lead times.

Plus it looks pretty cool on the back of a T-shirt!

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