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It's a New Year, Let's Take Action

I want to share with you an example of someone recognizing a problem, stepping up and putting their energy into solving it.

If you haven’t watched The Fixers, you’re missing out on a fantastic, hard working, feel good, thank goodness there are people like this in the world, TV show. Kirin Stone is one of The Fixers from that show and has personally taken on the task of building a home for a family in Ecuador.

Apparently he really is a good dude and doesn’t just play one on TV.

Kirin recently posted this video explaining how he will be helping this family in need, and how you can help.

Here’s why I’m getting on board with this, it’s someone stepping up. There’s plenty of talk out there, enough good intentions and not enough action. Not enough “will do” attitudes. Please join me in donating to this project if you can. It sends the right message.

Click here to visit Kirin's Gofundme campaign.

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