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2019 - A New Year, Helping you make it your best year ever!

As the end of the year gets closer and we look forward to 2019, let’s take a look back at how we got here. I started Wholesale Shade in 2011 with one sewing machine, one customer and a Donkey Kong poster to remind me that I didn’t have too many more chances to start over. My plan was to focus on the hardest part of being a shade sail contractor, making the shade sails.

Donkey Kong poster hanging in our office as inspiration.
My Donkey Kong poster still hangs in our office to this day.

Polyfab sent me to Australia to learn the techniques of the masters and I helped them with their U.S. shade sail workshops. Over the years we’ve added more sewing machines, more employees and more customers but the original goal remains the same - making it easier to be a shade sail contractor.

Now let’s talk about you, what are we doing to help you make 2019 your best year ever?

For starters, our lead times are down to several days rather than several weeks. We made this happen by investing in inventory, so we don’t have to wait for fabric to arrive, and technology, to make our operation more efficient. Your customer no longer has to wait weeks to get their sail and you get paid sooner.

Wholeslae Shade's staff gets together for their annual Christmas card photo.
This year's Tacky Christmas Sweater photo.

Our team of employees continues to focus on happiness at work. We just got a batch of new T-shirts with our new logo. Having happy employees means a more consistent workforce with less downtime and errors.

This leads me to our biggest announcement ever, Shade Sail University. We developed this training program as a resource for you and your employees to learn shade sail design, installation, troubleshooting, and even sales. If you have a new installer, they can watch videos showing them how to measure for a sail, the steps to properly tighten and secure turnbuckles and how to get wrinkles out. We’ll have a section on selling shade sails with tips ranging from design to closing the sale.

We’ll even have 2-day training sessions at our facility by experts in design, installation, and software. Attendees will return with expert level knowledge and the confidence of having taken a shade sail project from design through to installation using their own hands.

We know that you have other choices for your custom shade sails, in fact, many of our customers have their own awning sewing shops. We’re going to keep improving our lead times, ensuring quality, and providing valuable resources so that the decision to buy your sails from us is an easy one.

Thank you for your business!

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