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Shade Sail Installation:
   Measuring and Ordering your Sail

Now that you have your posts and attachment points installed, it's time to measure and order your shade sail.


Measure for your attachment points

It is important that you make your measurements from Eye-Bolt to Eye-Bolt (also known as Eye-to-Eye or Point-to-Point measurements) for your custom shade sail. 

Take the measurement from just inside the outer edge of the Eye Bolt.

Example: The measurement in the picture to the right is 26ft and 4in.

For any shape other than a triangle, we also need all cross dimension 

measurements. Check out this video about the importance of

measuring the cross dimensions.

measuring - 26ft 4 in.JPG
Cross dimensions 4 point sail.png
Cross dimensions 5 point sail.png
point to point measurments.jpg

In addition, you must indicate what size and type of hardware you will be using, regardless of whether or not your purchase it from us. When we are fabricating the sail, we will make the necessary reductions for hardware and stretch based on your measurements and listed hardware.

Whip Lines or Extension Cable

If you need an extension cable for your sail we need two measurements on the order form. The point-to-point measurement and the length you want the extension cable to be. We will calculate the fit of the sail with your extension cable included.

extension cables.png

Ordering Your Sail

Once you have all of your measurements and hardware specifications, you can then fill out an Order Form for your custom shade sail from Wholesale Shade.

Visit the How To Order page to learn more about

filling out our Order Form.

Installing the Sail

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