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Hip Canopy Order Form

Hip Canopy Order Form

On the top section of the order form you are going to want to make sure that all the contact and shipping information is correct. Please make sure to

include email as we send tracking information via email through FedEx Tracking.


# of units means the number of shades in the order and what shade is on this paticular order form.





The Shipping portion is very important, this is where you as the customer mark whether or not you will require a signature the day your package is

delivered. All orders marked "No Signature Required" are responsible for any lost or stolen packages, see note in red for details. The signature requirement

is to ensure not only us, but you as the customer a safe package arrival.





Our hip canopies are made to fit standrad hip structures. We use a 2" cable pocket and a 2" webbing strap with hole for corner pin. All you will need to 

indicate is the size cable & clamps as well as the fabric type & color.




On this section of the order form the first thing you are going to do is draw the hip canopy with all the lengths of its sides and diagonal measurements.

You will also need to label where you want the cable to come out on your hip canopy.

Also label which way is north.